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How to Balance Your Social Media Content to Increase Engagement

The 411 on social media:  I’ve spent a lot of time playing with social media posting frequencies. I’ve found it’s best to abide by the 411 rule of social media to help balance content for my own channels, as well as for my clients. This means posting four informational, inspirational, or conversational posts for every one “soft promotion” (such as an event promotion or a link to a blog post) and every one “hard promotion” (such as “buy this here”). We have a lovely little printable to help you do this (just join Gem Nation for FREE to access it)! Keep reading for how to optimize the worksheet. The first 4 column headings on the top indicate content types Informational – This isn’t referring to posting information on your business. Instead, try to share information on relevant industry news, how-to tutorials, etc. The follower should come away from the post gaining valuable knowledge. Inspirational – Content

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Bombarded, Tales from the Timeline Crypt

Being bombarded by ads is not something that anyone wants to have. Think about when you’re watching your favorite program on TV or getting really involved in a movie on FX; now, ask yourself, how much do you love those awesome commercials asking you to buy the latest sexual health pills and how awkward that is sitting next to your parents or grandma. How about your email inbox? Don’t you love when you have some random person emailing your from a foreign country or selling you the deal of the century? Check out this funny take on this scenario by Callback on YouTube. The same goes for Social Media. Customers really don’t want to be bombarded with messages day after day. The Harvard Business Review recently posted a study where they discussed three myths about what customers want. Below are the myths and the study findings. The Myth, The Legend…Oh

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