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Meet The Kid Entrepreneurs Who Are Making A Difference!

A little over a year ago I received an email from a woman who owned an online based kids sock company out of Miami, Florida. This was an incredibly busy time for me, but, although I didn’t think I had the time to adequately spend on a new client, I hate to overlook any potential client inquiries. Especially, a referral from a previous client. Anyway, I took a quick peek and learned a little bit about Are You Kidding Co., the kids sock start-up that was run by two kid entrepreneurs, Brandon and Sebastian, with help from their mom, Rachel Martinez. I know what you’re thinking. Kids can’t run a company. Well, you are partially right- kids can’t run a company on their own if they are still in school full time and well, under the age of 10. These kids have been designing all of the socks for Are You

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How These Colorful Apye Socks Will Change Your Entire Day

I really like socks. Like when I buy a new pair I get ridiculously excited about that new-sock feel when you put them on. Whenever I walk in my house after being out and about the whole day, the first thing I do is put on comfy yoga pants and socks if I don’t already have them on. Combine this with my love for lifestyle businesses – you know the ones who aren’t just selling stuff, but want to create a emotional connection and sense of community for their consumers to be a part of – and I’m head over heels. I guess saying I’m head over socks is more appropriate. Marleny Almonte, the CEO and Founder of Apye Socks, shares my passion for staying positive, being happy, and wearing socks! I recently chatted with Marleny on creating a lifestyle brand, building a business, and succeeding as an entrepreneur. Her answers of filled with

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