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The Painful Truth About Family & Friend Discounts

We’ve all done it.  We’ve all had that relative that wanted to use your services but didn’t quite have the means to afford you.  So what do you do?  Or maybe you haven’t experienced that first hand but you’ve had a friend who just needed a little help in the early days to “make it” in the long run.  It’s a common temptation for compassionate people to bend the rules for those closest to them, but it can be the death of your business.  Have you ever stopped to think that if anyone should want to see you succeed it would be your family and friends?  If anyone should pay full price they shouldn’t they be first in line? Perhaps this short paragraph was a wakeup call for you but you’re asking yourself… “ok, now what?  What do I do when someone asks for a discount?”. [Tweet “”Never make a

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Smart Tips for Being Successful as an Event Vendor

Recently, I took my business, The Cookie Cups to a large art festival as a food vendor. Setting this up was no overnight feat. It required months of preparation, paperwork, meetings, cost analysis and goal setting. The first thought I had was whether I would be able to get the job done, and done well. I will tell you this, it wasn’t easy but I did it. These are the things I found to be the necessary steps to take to prepare: 1. Purchase packaging in bulk (at wholesale pricing). 2. Find the most cost effective way to get the baking ingredients. I used Restaurant Depot. They have several locations nationwide. 3. Figure out a baking location. I was able to rent out a fellow baker’s bakery that I met at the local farmer’s market to make my product in large volume. Going from small to large volume is not

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How to Set Your Business Up for Financial Success

When starting a business every decision counts. You want to portray the perfect image in everything you do from how you present yourself to how you handle stressful situations. So what’s the secret to success when it comes to starting and running a business? Money. Financial success is what most business owners will probably tell you. No one wants to be in the red and when you’re starting a business it’s important to make smart decisions because, unfortunately, new businesses don’t have the luxury of (nor can they afford) second chances. The truth is the smallest oversight can cost you big time – but only if you let it. Every decision from how to set up your business on paper to which partners you decide to bring on board is directly related to your money and you need to nail it the first time – no pressure. This is our easy guide to managing your

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