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Why You Need to Use Your Wounds as Your Wisdom

Photo: Josh Fisher Photography of Oklahoma City, OK We all have a story, whether or not we believe it’s one worth telling (here are 5 reasons why you need to give words to your heart and share it). The anxiety so many of us feel when being tasked with opening up about our mental health is quite overwhelming. Why do we feel we must hide our struggles with mental stability? Does it somehow make us less of a person if we’ve battled mental illness? Of course it doesn’t, so why do we shame ourselves into living in a victim mentality about it? There are so many people with mental illness, including myself, who are currently thriving in life. We’re open about our mental health journey and we believe that by speaking about our pain, we’re able to prevent others from experiencing the same events. We don’t live in the victim mentality because

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Finding Strength in Loss

My dad was ridiculously determined to make me into a golfer (for real 😂). For years, I was so ashamed because when I thought about memories of him, our stupid fights about golf were often the first thing that came to my mind. I didn’t realize until recently just how important these moments were in shaping me into the [business]woman I’ve become today. Our conflicts taught me how to stand up for myself, to search for reasoning behind things I “had to do”, and how to negotiate (sure, I’ll suck it up and go golfing today if you take me to the mall tomorrow 😝). I’m now grateful for the resistance he challenged me with and I love him even more for it. 8 years ago today he took his life. I’ve spent a long time running from our memories out of fear they would only bring up pain. I can’t help

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It Doesn’t All Happen for a Reason

I used to believe that everything happens for a reason. However, after the curveballs life has thrown at me the past few months, I’m not so sure that’s true. We hear a lot of talk about setting intentions to live more purposely and strategizing goals to keep us working towards something, but what about the times when we don’t get to give something a meaning beforehand? All the shit that comes up and every obstacle, what do we do with what we don’t plan for? There has to be more purpose than just ‘getting over it’, right? I struggle with this, I like calendars, planners, and to-do lists. I like preparation and strategy. Learning to roll with life’s punches has been an ongoing challenge for me. (Note: as a PR girl, I am more than capable of handling the chaos and unexpected wrinkles in other people’s lives and businesses – it’s my

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Battling Body Image – When Enough is Enough

The fact is: Almost every woman struggles with body image. No one is immune to body image issues – even the very skinny or petite. Whether you’re a size 2 or size 16, we all feel self-conscious and often we take drastic measures to match what we believe our bodies should look like in our minds, instead of in reality. I am a prime example. As a child, I was very skinny. My mom always wanted me to consume more food because I looked like a twig and she was worried about my health. Once I entered middle school, I became heavier and my body changed and morphed into a different shape. To combat the change, I started wearing baggie and more comfortable clothing. I wasn’t sloppy, but I also wasn’t concerned about wearing the fashions that were considered, “in” during the early 2000’s. “Suddenly, I felt defined by the number; everything became about the size on my

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#StrengthAndStyle: gotCUREage?

  When life throws you Leukemia… YOU have to have “courage” to fight the fight and “CUREage” to win it! Diagnosed at age 36 with Essential Thrombocythemia, Lauren Blanchard, mom of 4 boys, has used this unexpected and unfortunate life-changing experience to extend inspiration to fellow cancer fighters, their families and friends by founding her own non-profit, gotCUREage. Now a proud supporter of the #StengthAndStyle campaign, Lauren shares her story and her CUREage with me in this eye-opening interview: