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From Self-Destruction to Self-Discipline: 5 Tips for Structuring Your Life

My name is Shaun Novak.  Most of you probably aren’t familiar with that name, so allow me to introduce myself.  I’m currently the COO of The Gem.  I’m a musician, vocalist, and music producer.  I’m a dreamer.  Most importantly, I’m a struggling entrepreneur who’s been battling depression for 10+ years.  I’ve been helping Allyn behind the scenes with the development of the site and Gem Nation for awhile now, occasionally peeking my head through the curtain (with a few blog posts here and there), but I’ve recently decided to take center stage on a regular basis.  I’ve racked up countless stories and struggles over the years, so my hope is that someone reading about them can relate and benefit from my experiences and mistakes. Related Read: 5 Powerful Ways Your Business Grows When You Use Your Story (+ FREE workbook inside)  There was a time when I felt like my self-discipline

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The Importance of Structure

The Look The Audrey Petite Carryall in White & Ruby from KYLA JOY ($548 – Save 15% with code ALLYN) // Gold Open Bangle from Drew & Co. ($45.85) // Similar Polka Dot Dress from Ralph Lauren ($104) // Similar Pearl Necklace from Carolee Jewelry ($55) // Bryant Park Stud Pierced Earrings from Carolee Jewelry ($45) The Lesson Not too long ago, I thought everything I wanted was on the other side of freedom. If I only had more time, I could make more money and feel released of this stress.  If I just get this one more thing done I can be done for the day (and then 7 more one more things later it’s 11:30 at night). If I spend this night in catching up on emails, I’ll be free later in the week (it doesn’t work like that, the emails never stop).  I wanted to be my own boss because I wanted to

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