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The Get Off The Couch Playlist

Now that summer has arrived, we should all be jumping at every opportunity to get outside and be active, right?  Eh.  Maybe not so much.  While the sun and the warm weather certainly give me an extra incentive to be active, sometimes it’s just not enough.  So, what do I use to give me that little extra push?  Music, of course.  I’m sure everyone has their ‘go-to’ songs when it comes to being active, but I’ve compiled a list of fun, upbeat songs to help get your ass off the couch.  Feel free to insert your own choices where you see fit! Chocolate – The 1975 From the opening guitar riff, it’s clear this song is just going to be a joy to listen to.  From the music, to the melodies, to the lyrics, there really isn’t an element of this song that isn’t fun.  It gets your feet moving

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11 Ridiculous Things for Summer You Didn’t Know You Needed

Urban Outfitters is the top dog of all things fun, unique and interesting. Any one of these toys could make your next get together the party of the century. In general, all these products will make life more fun. Come on Gem, after all your hard work chasing your dreams, you could totally use a good pool party to kick back and relax. Here is a round-up of ridiculous things for summer you didn’t know you needed: 1). Mahina Mermaid MerFun Mermaid Flipper ($100) – No shoes? No problem. Who needs them when you can wear a mermaid tail instead. As if you needed anymore of a reason to buy this pair of fin flippers, they’re eco-friendly and made from recycled rubber. 2.) Shell Pool Float ($48) – You know we’re all about mermaid vibes around here (hence the Mermaid Tales Pinterest board) because when the going gets tough, sometimes you just want to quit adulting

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Tidal Cool Spring/Summer 2016: A Fusion of Fashion, Funk, and Freedom

A few weekends ago, the Gem team took their talents to Cleveland, OH with Allyn modeling and myself (Alexandra Barone) photographing for the release of the Tidal Cool SS16 collection. Fashion might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of the Rock n’ Roll capital of the World, but on this night there were plenty of vibrant fabrics, daring hairstyles and exotic beauty. The fashion show, benefitting the Cornucopia Inc/Nature’s Bin job training program for adults with disabilities, took place at Lake Affects Studio which was a cool, artistic and rustic place with a full bar, jewelry and makeup stands all hosted by Cleveland Bazaar. The designer, Andrea Howell, created the Tidal Cool Spring/Summer 2016 Collection Cuba Libre: A Fusion of Fashion, Funk, and Freedom, and that is exactly what it was. Taking a peek behind the scenes one could immediately get a feel for who the artist was and her

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What To Do When Business is Slow

It’s Summer time and everyone is soaking up the sun at the beach. You and I included! So what does that mean for retail businesses and how does that affect your sales? Well, from my experience it doesn’t necessarily mean zero sales, but it does mean you may not want to splurge on that steak dinner or island vacation just yet! In the retail industry, there’s a little thing called Seasonality. Seasonality determines the scale of sales throughout the year and which months will be the slowest and the highest for selling products. This generally applies across the board for e-commerce and brick and mortar. Here is a great chart that shows what you can expect by month in terms of sales: Below are some of my tips and tricks for staying busy during the slow months even though sales may not be flowing in: 1. Organize Inventory: I like

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Complete Your Summer 2015 With These 10 Songs!

After what felt like an eternity, summer is finally just around the corner.  For me, summer means a lot of things; it means swimming, mini golfing, vacation, trampolines, getting in shape, a lot of sweating, and many other things.  But most importantly, it means I get to drive around with my windows down while listening to my favorite music.  There’s just something about getting in a car by yourself and getting lost in the wind and the music.  It gives me a sense of freedom and serenity like nothing else can.  I enjoy just about every style of music, and I could come up with a seemingly endless list of songs for my summer playlist, but I decided to keep it to ten for now.  The goal was to put a variety of different styles in this list to give you an idea about how wide my musical spectrum is,

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The Perfect Printed Resort Dress for a Warm Sunny Day

Dress {Tidal Cool} / Gorjana Bali Tube Drop Earrings {Rocksbox – try a month FEE with code “allynlewisxoxo”} / Gorjana Teagan Ring {Rocksbox} / Bracelets {Kutula Kiss} / Lips {Maybelline New York Color Whisper in Berry Ready + Glamour Dolls Lip Glass in Wildflower} / Shoes {Steve Madden} / Nail Polish {#GIRLSBELIKE by Nail Glam} Scroll to the bottom for you chance to win a beautiful Peace bracelet and necklace made in Africa from Kutula Kiss! Kutula Kiss Giveaway

[Obsessions] Finds for Getting Fit

It’s Bikini Season!  So this week in my #obsessions, let’s chat fun, fabulous products to help kick your fitness routine into gear! Here’s what I’m loving right now: 1) Flipbelt – $28.99 Probably one of the most-needed products ever. I don’t know where this has been my whole life. Tuck away your phone, keys, credit cards, etc. while you work out! –> Grab it here 2) The JoJo Legging in Prism from Dona Jo Fitwear – $69.00 Be fashionably fit with this new Dona Jo print! The unique fabric from Brazil has a 5-way stretch that allows for a one size fits most (0-12) design. Dona Jo fabrics are not just pretty they are functional too – breathable, faster drying than cotton, and they even minimize the appearance of cellulite. –> Grab them here   3) Women’s Prodigy 2 Stretch Sneakers from Ryka – $64.99 It’s hard to find stylish, quality, affordable sneakers these days! All Ryka sneakers

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[Obsessions] Summer Starters

New Column!  I’m constantly sorting through magazines, social media, blogs and more to search for one-of-a-kind brands and products to follow, so I figured I’d start making a blog post each week about my findings! This week is dedicated to a few items you’ll be drooling over to kick-off summer:

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