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Feeling Cool in Culottes

What’s in this post: The culottes I fell in love with during New York Fashion Week after thinking I’d never be able to wear wide leg pants, face flattering sunglasses made from wood (that don’t look like wood), and I bet you’ll never guess what this bag is made of!  The Look: [sp] Yatta Culottes in Ice Grey from Narrow Arrow ($64.67) // [sp] Wabisabi Shirt from Narrow Arrow ($117.29) // [sp] Activa Wood Sunglasses from Public Sunglasses ($79.00) // [c/o] Mimi Cork Vegan Teal/Croc Cross Body from Rok Cork ($178.00) // [c/o] Mist Grey Mule ($145.00) with Billie in Blush Strap ($49.50) from Alterre Shoes // Coachella Rose Tone Watch from Escape Watches ($195) // Similar Earrings (ON SALE – $37.50) // Styled by & Photos: Christina Stein Imberlina When Narrow Arrow told me they were sending me wide leg pants to wear during New York Fashion Week, at first, I was so excited. They looked incredible

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Finding Hygge in Central Park

What’s in this post: Figuring out what the heck “Hygge” means by getting in touch with both nature and the simpler side of living.  The Look: [sp] Round Neck Maxi Dress from Hygge Living ($32) // [sp] Bull Hoof Necklace from Simply Nature Bio Goods ($209) // Guilty Sunglasses from Public Sunglasses ($79) // Similar boots from Aldo ($180) // Wing Ding Cuff Bracelet from Kutula Kiss ($85) // Coachella Rose Tone Watch from Escape Watches ($195) // Cocktail Ring from 7 Charming Sisters // Styled by + photos: Christina Stein Imberlina // Louis Vuitton Pochette Accessoire cloth handbag – borrowed from Christina because she loves me ($495) I’m normally in New York City at least twice a year, and I have my spots that I go to every time. Every trip I stop at 2 Bros Pizza, where you can get the best New York style slice of pie that’s as big as your head, and also Carlo’s Bakery

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Accessories to Amplify Your Outdoor Workout

It’s summertime and the living is easy. Well at least that is the motto we tell ourselves in the morning, because (let’s be real) finding time to workout, have a career, spend time with your family, all while having a social life is exhausting. That is why having these workout tools in your home is so important! When you don’t have time to go to the gym, which can be 15-30 minutes drive time plus the exercise itself, use these accessories to amplify your outdoor workout. Your neighbors may even want to start a workout club when they see you out there doing your thing, and then the whole block will be doing pilates, yoga or zumba in your back yard. Think of the endless possibilities, and all you have to do is have some killer workout gear. 1. Running Floral-Print Shell Hooded Jacket – $193.00 Running on a treadmill is great, but running

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