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The Difference Support Makes with Rebecca Nash

You may not see it, but everything you do – from the way you run your business to how you interact with your clients – stems from your story and what you’ve been through. One of the first exercises I walk my clients through (in fact, Rebecca was the very first person I walked through this process!) is determining the theme of their business in one word. Most of the time, people have no idea what this is, and I can often see it before they do. For Rebecca, her standout superpower is support. It’s not that she’s supportive because she’s a nice person (which is totally true), she’s supportive because of her story. From suffering from mental illness and spending four years raising her daughter as a single mom to managing three learning disabilities and a full time job while running a business (Rebecca Nash Photography), this Gem has seen the contrast

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The Secret to Standing Out as a Small Business

The biggest thing you can do to get noticed is to support others! Seriously. Work together with other small businesses to promote each other and you will exponentially grow your results and exposure! The only way that small businesses can compete with larger corporations and achieve economies of scale is, in fact, by joining forces! When you join forces with other businesses (strategically of course), magical things happen. Here’s what to do: 1) Team up with businesses who have the SAME audience you’re trying to reach. You want to be in the same industry, but not competitors. In other words, find other businesses that have audiences who would be likely to buy your product. I know this seems so simple, but I cannot believe how many people I see collaborating who are going about this all wrong. Do it right and you’re literally DOUBLING your audience of potential customers. 2) Pick

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