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Adventures at Animal Kingdom

What’s in this post: adventures at Animal Kingdom including why it’s sometimes necessary to run into the rain (literally and figuratively) and the brightest, most comfortable sneakers ever!  The Look: Low Sinchi Colorful Sneaker from ISKAY Shoes ($60.00) // Natassia Cupro Dress from francesca’s ($38.00) and here’s a similar one ($44.00) in case they don’t have your size // Violet Ray Kendall Backpack ($49.95) // Wing Ding Pew and Zigger Small Beaded Bracelets from the Kutula Kiss Desert Rose Collection (COMING SOON!) Animal Kingdom might just be my favorite Disney park. There’s just something about the atmosphere that brings out the inner adventurer inside all of us. For example, every time I see the Festival of the Lion King show, I question my career path because my heart is definitively sure I’m meant to be the flying blue bird. Maybe one day when I’m famous they’ll invite me to be her for a

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Getting Clear About You

In this post: You’ll find a note on leaning into things that make you feel the most like yourself (even when it’s not always easy), skin-clearing organic products that bring out your true self, and the story of a strong woman who turned the loss of her mother into a movement for women to take better care of themselves. What does being yourself even mean? To be honest, I’m not totally sure. I’m still trying to figure out who I am. But, I know it means staying away from anything that makes you feel like less and pulling yourself closer to things that make you feel like more. It also means standing firm in the things that make you feel more alive, more blissful, more clear, and more capable. For me, that means stuff like working out and taking care of my skin. It means doing those things even when

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Vacations and Travel: Good For Your Mind, Body, and Overall Health

Vacations and traveling are great for relaxing, clearing your head, and getting into a new space and environment for a change of perspective. But did you know that there are actually health benefits of going on vacation and traveling? As a weight loss coach for women, I’ve worked with thousands of women who have demanding careers, hectic family lives, and weight loss problems. Some have tried diet after diet, while others have been dumbfounded by the fact that when they go on vacation, they actually lose or maintain their weight. In fact, one of my clients lost 5 lbs in a week on vacation without restricting her diet and having a few cocktails! As her coach, I wanted her to feel free to enjoy her much earned vacation, unwind, and most importantly, relax her mind and body as she carried a lot of stress in her daily life that was

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Toes in the Sand with Liberty 61 & Crash Jewelry

In October, I was so very thankful to spend a must-needed week in gorgeous Puerto Rico with my family. While I had hoped to show you some more beachy OOTD looks, my fam wasn’t quite so thrilled about taking my blog photos, so here’s what I ended up with, which is fine! My mind needed a break from coordinating outfits, scheduling time to take photos, and editing images… especially editing images. Now, onto the fashion! Does this dress look familiar? I wore the same bamboo jersey and linen ruffled Liberty 61 dress in black ($340.00) for my first day at New York Fashion Week back in September! See, I told you this was an incredibly versatile piece! I adore Liberty 61 as a brand because the quality of the pieces are second to none. Each is designed with you – the responsible buyer, traveler, mother, daughter, helper, socially-conscious, whimsical creatives, purpose filled adventurer, and the environmentally considerate  – in mind.

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[Obsessions] Summer Starters

New Column!  I’m constantly sorting through magazines, social media, blogs and more to search for one-of-a-kind brands and products to follow, so I figured I’d start making a blog post each week about my findings! This week is dedicated to a few items you’ll be drooling over to kick-off summer:

Paradise Pretty

Be Paradise Pretty this Summer!   Whether you’re wondering how to look fabulous on your resort getaway or you are looking to bring the paradise to you, keep with the current trends to stay beach-bliss ready all summer long! Nothing says “paradise” like the perfect bathing suit! Designer Andrea Howell of Tidal Cool Creations is the go-to gal for custom, affordable resort wear.