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How to Protect Your Website Even if You Aren’t a Tech Genius

As a website designer, I actually enjoy thinking about WordPress for the better part of my day. I know that’s not the case for everyone though. And for the average person trying to manage their own website, all of the details can easily become overwhelming, especially when it comes to keeping their website secure. RELATED: The Most Important Things to Consider When Designing a Website As a disclaimer, our focus is usually on building beautiful websites that actually work (so that beautiful buy now button doesn’t lead to a 404 page instead of your awesome sales page). However there are a few things that we tell our clients when it comes to the basics of keeping your site secure: 1. Don’t use admin as your login name. It’s the most commonly used name, so hackers will always try that first. Some of our logins are pretty silly, we use references from current Netflix binge watch and add random

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The Most Important Things to Consider When Designing a Website

In today’s technology driven world, websites are the way a company does business. It encompasses all imagery and logo aspects to make sure that a perceived view of the company is passed along. The end quality of designing a website often is a strong determining factor when a consumer decides whether or not to purchase from a company. Branding: Color – Make sure your website’s color scheme is cohesive with and accentuates the company’s logo and corporate color palette. Check out this post on why colors matter so much for your brand. Typography – Most companies have a particular style and size of a font (or typography) that they use to help distinguish themselves from that of their competition. Make sure the website uses this consistently and stays in line with the brand’s personality and characteristics. Images and Videos – THIS IS SO IMPORTANT. Images and videos need to be unique

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