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The Power of the Pen: How Writing by Hand Benefits the Brain

As our lives become more and more consumed by “life improving” electronic devices each day, one can easily argue that the art of handwriting is gradually becoming obsolete. Against common knowledge, the stationery and paper goods industry continues to grow year after year. Why? Maybe it’s because the craft of calligraphy is rapidly rising as an aesthetic Instagram practice, that we’re beginning to rediscover the excitement of snail mail (parisian inspired greeting cards anyone?), or Kate Spade’s glamorous line of writing materials… However, I think perhaps the more powerful reason is that the physical act of writing has a number of benefits. Not only can it improve productivity and help us achieve goals, but writing can also play a role in developing healthier mental wellness habits. RELATED: Analog Tools to Organize Your Brain (or Business) in the Digital Age Suggestive information aside, there may not be much scientific evidence to prove writing things down has memory enhancing

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Writing Through Barriers to Live the Dream

Mdina. I look at the medieval walled town of what the natives commonly call the ‘Silent City’. I make note of and appreciate the silence that reigns supreme in the streets. Speaking of the streets, I’ve never seen streets so narrow that they silently communicate a ‘one way only’ message. And as I glance into the distance and away from my laptop for just one moment, I take in the beautiful sea as the wind gently pushes my hair back. That sea breeze is intoxicating. Well, as a writer, that’s the dream. And then there’s reality as I tap away at the white keys on my ‘budget’ HP laptop. Reality is writing up this blog post on my way to work. Reality is glancing to my left, beyond the glass of the window in the tram that bustles noisily along the northern suburbs of Melbourne. In reality, there is no sea breeze – Just the distinct smell of

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My {PR}spective: Writing for Success

Good writing skills are foundational for any PR professional. In fact, some people like myself even chose the profession because of a love of writing! However, learning what writing techniques are effective in PR-related writing such as pitch letters and press releases takes time and understanding of why certain emails and letters grab people’s attention, and some don’t. Granted, I’m still trying to figure out what I can incorporate into my pitch letters and press releases to make them stand out, but here are a few tips I have uncovered along the way. Infuse personality: Imagine you got an email for a new product or service that looked mass-produced and robotic, as if a computer program had been designed just to write it. How likely would you be to respond? Not very. The emails that will grab people’s attention will effectively make it clear that a person took their time

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