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The Benefits of Applying Yoga Principles to Your Business

Are you an exhausted, overworked, irritated business owner? You’re not alone. Even the most passionate business owners (like myself) experience burn out. You probably know that yoga has changed my life. Now, it’s changing my business and it can change yours too! Always Persevere The days where you just can’t bring yourself to go to class and get on your mat are surely the days when you need yoga the most. The same thing applies to your business. Whether or not you want to admit it, owning a business is a practice. We never know what the day will bring and there’s only so much you can do to prepare yourself for everything that comes with being an entrepreneur. By utilizing our skills each day and continuing to learn, we improve and get better, but no one on the planet is ever going to be the perfect business owner. You have to show up

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Printed Activewear Leggings to Inspire Your Workouts

Out with the old and in with the bold! Take your workout to the next level with these incredibly gorgeous pants. Everyone can wear loud prints and they are more flattering than you might think! It’s just a matter of finding the best patterns and styles for your unique body. So dare to be a little adventurous and try a pair of these funky styles to enhance your figure and take your workouts to the next level. [masterslider id=”3″]

Yoga for a Beautiful Life, Inside and Out

The practice of yoga isn’t just working out, meditating, or relaxing, it’s a philosophy. It’s the art of discovering to live with intention, self-compassion, and awareness to embrace a truly beautiful lifestyle physically, mentally, emotionally, energetically, and spiritually. We call it a “practice” because it will never truly be perfect. You don’t perform yoga for anyone or practice to please anyone else – the sole purpose is purely to nurture only yourself. We inhale the future and exhale the past to live in the present. Yoga is learning to fall in love with taking care of yourself – your mind, body, and soul. Become Aware So often we feel the need to be active in every situation. Yoga teaches us mindfulness and encourages a shift in roles – we get to become the observer. By practicing nonjudgmental awareness, we start to notice patterns and habits in our behavior or circumstances that keep us stuck in

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Dining Rooms Are for Yoga

Why you should be practicing yoga at home. A few years ago, I discovered hot yoga and it completely changed my life (if you didn’t click on that link and you suffer from headaches, I highly suggest you read it). So, when I found out Yoga Innovations had an upcoming yoga teacher training program, I was beyond excited! Don’t worry PR clients, I’m not making a career change, I just want to deepen my own practice, expand my knowledge, and help others find how yoga can help them. As part of the teacher training program, we have to complete an at home yoga practice each week and then journal about it. Well, when I was writing in my journal about my first home practice effort, I thought, what a wonderful blog post this would make, so here we are! In all my years of practicing yoga, I’ve never practiced at home. Sure I would

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Fall into Relaxation

This week has been the most stressful few days I’ve had in a long time. Between the pressure of starting up a new business, an ongoing family situation with my teenage sister, and not having time in my days to do the simplest things like going to the food store, life has been just a bit crazy lately. It’s moments like this where I have to remind myself that shutting my mind down, even for a few minutes, needs to be a part of my everyday routine. Because the truth is, once you realize you need to de-stress, it’s already too late. I have to get better about making time for me everyday, not just on days where I’m ready to pull my hair out! Here’s a few little ways I’ve decided to treat myself to relaxation this week right at home: 1.) My Julep Maven Beauty Box Every month when the mailman delivers

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Taking Back Our Time at the Body Love Tour

Have you ever thought about how much time getting ready takes you? How long in the morning before work? How much time you spend getting ready to go out to dinner? Add it all up and you’ll find that women spend approximately 135 days, 3726 hours, 223560 minutes, and 13,413,600 seconds in their lifetime getting ready. THAT’S A LONG TIME! Why do we do it? Who do we do it for? What exactly is it that makes us give up this much of our lives prepping our appearance? I hadn’t taken this time into consideration either until I started coordinating a client’s involvement in a recent event. Meet the Body Love Tour, hosted by Lindsey Smith and Amie Olson of Promoting Natural Health, where “each event is designed to give women the freedom to express themselves and be who they are.” The mission: changing the way women feel about themselves and their bodies. “One by one we

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The Best of Pittsburgh

So who took home the gold of the black & gold city? Pittsburgh’s 2014 A-List was distributed starting on August 25th and continuing throughout the week. The annual vote brought together over 1,035 businesses to compete for titles in their category. The 13 categories ranged from cuisine to fashion to auto and everything in between.  Campaigning to win the title, businesses connected with their customers on all social media platforms to spread the word! Narrowing the nominees down from 1,035 to only 134 winners, voters chose their favorites from the year. These genres showed everything Pittsburgh has to offer! The A-List is a great resource for visitors and even locals who want to try something new! Check out the A-List by City Voter app for quick list of all the winners! Call us biased, but there are three winners we just cannot get enough of! Huge congratulations to Elliven Spa,

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[Obsessions] Finds for Getting Fit

It’s Bikini Season!  So this week in my #obsessions, let’s chat fun, fabulous products to help kick your fitness routine into gear! Here’s what I’m loving right now: 1) Flipbelt – $28.99 Probably one of the most-needed products ever. I don’t know where this has been my whole life. Tuck away your phone, keys, credit cards, etc. while you work out! –> Grab it here 2) The JoJo Legging in Prism from Dona Jo Fitwear – $69.00 Be fashionably fit with this new Dona Jo print! The unique fabric from Brazil has a 5-way stretch that allows for a one size fits most (0-12) design. Dona Jo fabrics are not just pretty they are functional too – breathable, faster drying than cotton, and they even minimize the appearance of cellulite. –> Grab them here   3) Women’s Prodigy 2 Stretch Sneakers from Ryka – $64.99 It’s hard to find stylish, quality, affordable sneakers these days! All Ryka sneakers

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