The Best Facebook Groups to Hangout in for Entrepreneurs

Is it just me, or does it keep getting harder and harder to get your message across on social media? Like all I’m asking is that you let the people who CHOSE to follow me see the stuff I have to say. Likewise, if you want to blow up my feed with ads and sponsored posts, fine, I can handle it, but what I can’t take is hiding the stuff from brands and other business owners that I actually want to see. For awhile, all we had to worry about was Facebook’s ever-changing algorithm and having to pay to get our content seen. But, unfortunately, other platforms have decided to join the bandwagon and apply similar approaches. Ugh. Rant over (for now).

I’m not a fan of paying for advertising on social media. Can it be successful? Yes, absolutely. But that success takes strategy, experimenting, and a hell of a lot of monitoring to keep up with and analyze. Guess what? That quick and easy “boost this post” option on Facebook doesn’t typically give you much ROI unless you’ve got a whole lot of thought behind it. You have to either get creative or commit to social media advertising. Don’t just half-ass it or you’re just going to waste your money.

So what’s a business owner to do? Shortly after I pretty much wrote off Facebook for growing my blog and business (reach is sad enough, let alone the click through rate), I discovered the power of Facebook Groups. While creating your own Facebook group can be a great rescue for your business (that’s a topic for another day), today we’re going to chat about networking and connecting in other groups to find like minded, passionate individuals to build mutually beneficial relationships with!

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Here are a few groups worth joining:

The Best Facebook Groups to Hangout in if You're an Entrepreneur or Creative Business Owner //

1.) Gem Nation

If you’re struggling with entrepreneurship, feeling burnt out, or just want a space to talk about the real struggles you’re going through in your business, this is the group for you! When you think of Gem Nation, think of a rock that withstands so much pressure, patience and weight that it sparkles like a gem. Gem Nation is all about people helping one another become the best versions of themselves and realizing it takes time and hard work to do so. Gem Nation is here to help you shine (note: there must be some kind of public indication on your Facebook Profile that you own a business in order to be approved!).

Click here to be sent the link to access the group along with other inspiring goodies!

2.) Savvy Business Owners

A private group for women who are or want to be Savvy Business Owners. To join, visit You will be sent a link to the group as well as signed up to get weekly FUNmail and “7 Keys to Streamline Your Business.” Join here.

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3.) Creative Biz Owners

Not to brag, but this group is filled with the most amazing creative business owners you will ever meet in your whole entire life. I think that description truly says all you need to know. If you are a creative business owner and like to have FUN, then get in this group! Join here.

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4.) Female Entrepreneurs Collaborate

This community was built by the Millionista Mentor Stephanie Nickolich to inspire, empower, educate, and unite women worldwide through collaboration and community! Join the rapidly growing online community for female entrepreneurs and women in business at You’ll find elite access to authentic success stories, badass business building tools, online mentoring, best-in-class accountability tools, and affordable eduction to help YOU grow your empire overnight! Join here.

The Best Facebook Groups to Hangout in if You're an Entrepreneur or Creative Business Owner //

5.) Being Boss

Being Boss is a group for all you bosses out there who are listening to the “Being Boss” podcast (which I absolutely recommend) and want to a place to connect with each other. It’s a creative pack where you can ask questions, share your victories, voice your struggles, and support other bosses as you show up and do the work!

The Best Facebook Groups to Hangout in for Entrepreneurs

6.) Blog + Biz BFFs

A supportive group of bloggers and entrepreneurs joined by non-other than the mastermind behind The Nectar Collective, Melyssa Griffin. It was created so that the community would have a place to hang out together, get support, and offer advice. The goal? To cultivate friendships and collaborations among members. It’s a great place to be! In order to be approved for the group, you’ll need to sign up here first.

The Best Facebook Groups to Hangout in if You're an Entrepreneur or Creative

7.) The Rising Tide Society

A very mindful group of creative entrepreneurs educating and empowering each other to thrive in the spirit of community over competition. The purpose of this group is to give all creatives a daily place to check in with their colleagues, participate in group discussion, ask questions, and seek positive support. Join here!

The Best Facebook Groups to Hangout in for Entrepreneurs

8.) Babes in Business

This group, hosted by Cassie Howard, is for women entrepreneurs with online businesses that want to get advice around growing their business to six-figures (and beyond). If you’re ready to get out of your shell and start turning your business into the amazing beast you know it can be, this is the group for you. Join here!

If you’re going to starting making use of Facebook Groups, be sure that you are exhibiting the proper etiquette. Caitlin Bacher of Little Farm Media has a great guide for you on this! I also suggest perusing The Uncaged Life’s post on How to Not be a Dick in Facebook Groups. If you read these and are like, “oh crap, I’m doing this all wrong” don’t worry, I thought the same thing. But, since I’ve been correcting my mistakes and adjusting my Facebook group approach, I’ve made so many more genuine connections that will sustainably help grow my brand!

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