These Will Put An End to The Leggings as Pants Controversy

If social media is any indication, there’s a definite debate going on around the difference between leggings and pants. For quite some time, I my very self argued that leggings were not pants. Then, I discovered yoga leggings – dreamy, thick, non see-through marvels that look excellent with boots and an oversized sweater (and many other outfit options), which doesn’t even need to cover you butt if your pants do it sufficiently. (Please never leave me athleisure trend…)

Anyway, we need to stop contesting and start praising this unearthly creation. As ModCloth explains, “Somewhere between tights and skinny jeans exists this miracle of style and stretch, and yet no one can seem to agree quite the right way to wear these all-purpose bottoms.” As a current, and frequent practitioner of the leggings as pants trend, I stand against the stigma that leggings are a sloppy, easy-way-out option to putting effort into your look. Do I wear them for comfort? Hell yes. I believe combining style and comfort equals the most successful outfit.

This is not a discussion: leggings are pants.

If I can bend over, and my leggings remain completely opaque without any ability to see my butt crack, then I’m wearing pants as far as I’m concerned. What makes this scenario any different than wearing skinny jeans? Nada. Merriam doesn’t lie… pants are defined as, “an outer garment covering each leg separately and usually extending from the waist to the ankle —usually used in plural.” The key word in this definition is COVERING.

So, if you wear “leggings” where all the sudden your intergluteal cleft becomes visible (aka not covering your nether regions), you are not in fact wearing leggings or pants, you are wearing tights, defined as “a woman’s thin, close-fitting garment, typically made of nylon or other knitted yarn, covering the legs, hips, and bottom” (thicker than pantyhose, but not thick enough to wear as pants). And YOU are the reason why wearing leggings as pants gets a bad rap. So STOP. If you even have to ask the question, “can you see through my leggings?” do not wear them as pants. If you can kind of see through them, they are still not sufficient to wear as pants. Have questions or need clarification? Do not hesitate to ask. 

And no, it doesn’t matter if your a size 2 or a size 12, you can wear leggings as pants. Don’t let society’s narrow set beauty and body standards tell you otherwise. The key is buying the right size so that you don’t over stretch the fabric, which results in the fatal see-through effect. Also, find a mid-rise pair that sit just below your natural waist. Low rise leggings are likely to get your into trouble (and can cause a “too tight” issue in the front… No bueno). Also, for best results, let’s not opt for nude, tan, or beige leggings. When you make smart shopping decisions, legging can look ultra flattering on anyone!

This proves leggings are definitely pants.

To ensure that your legging choices qualify as pants and not tights, stock up on these Gems from Neeshe New York (save 10% with code ALLYNLEWIS at checkout!). Crafted with careful attention to every detail and each intricate design, combined with deliciously comfortable and alluring fabrics, Neeshe New York leggings will turn heads for the right reason, your style and confidence. 

This proves leggings are definitely pants.

The luxury leggings from Neeshe embody the spirit of New York City (the city my heart belongs to), and are sure to become the centerpiece of any outfit by showcasing your own distinctive style. 

Pictured are the Monaco Place Tweed Leggings. A stretch above any of your typical legging options, these are made from a mix of black ponte and stretch-tweed for a unique look. Versatility is an essential quality for my must-have pieces and these definitely fit the bill. Wear them to work with a button-up blouse or pair with a chic blazer for a night out. For a more casual look, open the ankle zippers and let your hair down while you’re at it. No matter how you wear them, you’ll be rocking your look with comfort and confidence! 

This is not a discussion: leggings are pants.

Audrey Hepburn wore leggings as pants way before anything sparked this debate (and she definitely would be a fan of the pieces from Neeshe). And I don’t care who you think you are, you just don’t argue with Audrey. Sorry haters, the results are in. Leggings are pants. Let’s move on.


Outfit Details

Leggings ($145.00) – Neeshe New York [save 10% with code ALLYNLEWIS at checkout!] // Blazer (custom) – Tidal Cool, Similar T-Shirt ($14.00) – BooHoo // Necklace ($8.00) – Kyoot Clothing // Similar Shoes ($74.25) – Sam Edelman

This is not a discussion: leggings are pants.


Photo By: Kate Stutz Photography