A Traveling Beauty Routine for Self-Care

To be honest, unless I’m taking outfit photos or heading to an event, rarely do I clock more than 15 minutes in front of the mirror. Yes, it might take me a long time to “get ready” and I’m pretty much 5 minutes late for everything, but you can’t blame that on my primping and prepping. It’s usually an “I can totally knock this email out before I go or craft this Instagram post before I leave” kind of thing.

However, when I’m on vacation, there’s something so rejuvenating about slipping back into my lengthy, pre- “I’m an entrepreneur and have no time for myself” kind of routine.

Those 60 or so minutes aren’t clocked in front of the mirror with an attempt to impress anyone, to cover up or conceal my imperfections, or even to look adequate for the Instagram pictures I’ll likely be snapping later.

It’s me time.

It’s time to notice the way my right eyebrow will never land in line with the left.

To accept the few wrinkles landscaping my twenty five year old forehead as a token of the investment I made in my business, and the unerasable stress that came along with it.

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To learn a lesson in self care from the pimples that scatter from opting out of washing my face the night before last – a task I simply did not have any energy left to invest in.

There's something so rejuvenating about slipping back into my lengthy pre- "I'm an entrepreneur and have no time for myself" kind of beauty routine.

It’s because in that slowed down, adulting is swept under the rug, “let’s unplug for a few days” (which I never do) stretch of time, I find rejuvenation in spending time on self acceptance.

To appreciate the way I can accent my cheeks with a multidimensional highlighter.

To bask in the chance I now have to practice self-care for a few extra moments than usual.

To uncover relaxation in the motion of sweeping a typically skipped over MAC eye liner pencil across my lash line.

To work with, instead of against, the beauty, imperfections, and features of my face.

But this time, I wanted it to be different. I didn’t want to be rushed. I didn’t want to drive late to meet my family for dinner from getting caught up in the meditative beauty routine I so happily succumb to.

So I, thoughtfully and intentionally, left for North Carolina with a few key products that I knew would allow me to rekindle my love with my makeup bag (this one is pretty inspiring), avoid the temptation to float into a 30 step regimen, and most importantly, would give my skin the TLC it was craving.


  1. Lifetherapy Minis – The first thing I packed were these mini lotions ($18 for a set of 5) and body washes ($18 for a set of 5). The brand was founded by Lynette Lovelace on the belief that when we take ownership of our frame of mind, which can be impacted by scent and color, positivity follows. Crafted with intention, each scent evokes an empowering opportunity to #ChooseYourMood. Please don’t ask me which is my favorite because that is one thing I can’t seem to choose!
  2. When Masks – The holy grail for a simple and practical skin pick-me-up as needed by the girl on the go. Using bio-cellulose technology, the all-natural sheet masks made from coconuts ensure optimal hydration no matter how much of a time crunch you’re in. Pulling together the expertise of a Korean healthcare specialist, a cell restoration and anti-aging focused dermatologist, and a biologist with expertise in nature based bio-technology and hypo-allergenic ingredients, these pocket spa experiences are scientifically packed with the best nourishing and non irritating ingredients for your skin. The Travelmate mask ($28.50 for a set of 4) is my favorite to take with me on globe trotting adventures.
  3. PCA Skin Ideal Complex Revitalizing Eye Gel ($84) – I trust PCA as a brand because they’re genuinely dedicated to education, not just pushing a product, so I know they know their stuff when it comes to skincare. This is the most efficient eye product I’ve found on the market (and I’ve tried a lot of them because let’s face it, the eye area is one place where the tolls of startup life can often be noticed) by treating dark circles and puffiness (even on 7-8 hours a sleep most nights I can’t seem to get rid of them) along with fine lines and wrinkles.
  4. Valentia Ultra Plumping Hydration Mask (on sale for $25) – No matter where I travel, whether it’s by plane or car, something in the location switch never fails to dry out my skin. I normally use this mask right before I leave and at least once while I’m out of town. Valentia also has a True Glow Eye Cream (on sale for $25) that is great for applying on dehydrated under eye circles before makeup to prevent foundation and concealer from creasing.
  5. HASK Charcoal Purifying Hair Care Collection ($5.99 each) – In the spirit of rest and rejuvenation, at home or on the go, hair often gets left out, but this line (a Shampoo, Conditioner, and Deep Conditioner) ensures you can check any hair baggage at the door. I used this for the first time throughout the week I was out of town (it’s gentle enough for daily use) and my hair actually felt like hair again. I know that sounds odd, but I had no idea how much build up was on it, which was weighing my hair down (with my thin locks, volume is already a challenge!).
  6. SmartStuff Mineral Based Sunscreen and Insect Repellent ($15.99) – Nothing puts a damper on vacation and hinders relaxation like a sunburn or itchy bug bite. Aside from being free of potentially harmful or toxic chemicals, I love that these have a light, soft, non-overpowering scent.
  7. Evian Facial Spray ($7.50) – With a face of makeup, you can’t exactly dab on some lotion to cure dry skin, but you can mist on a few spritzes of this must have beauty savior. While I originally stashed this in my purse to remove perspiration from the heat at the beach, it’s been in my bag ever since and I use it at least once a day to reset my makeup and rehydrate my skin.

And, for a clever way to stash your favorite beauty buys, I’m loving these #GemFinds:

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