VLOG 1: Where I’m at Right Now

I used to be terrified of video content, but to be honest, I’ve kind of fallen in love with it once I realized I could be imperfect, a hot mess, and the real me (and show up with little to no make up on in workout clothes). I wanted to create this space so that I have something to look back on. Some place where I can be reminded of the small, weekly stories that bring me to wherever I’m going. I hope that by sharing the everyday moments, you’ll see that you’re not alone in the mess that is your life (because I totally don’t have my shit together).

In this first vlog episode, I’m sharing a little bit about where I currently am in my journey, why I challenged myself to get rejected 20 times last week (along with how it went), and I’m also debuting my new hair cut – which may not seem like a big deal to you, but it was a big change for me that took a lot of courage. Also, I talk about a big business decision awhile back that I often wonder if I shouldn’t have made. However, the events of last week definitely proved it was for the best for both my business and my mental health. I’m confident there’s something in here you can relate to and that you’ll find a few nuggets of wisdom (courtesy of my stress and mistakes) that you can apply to your own life!

New vlog posts will be filmed every Friday (nothing fancy, just me and my iPhone) and up every Monday!

And finally, Temporary Tattoo from Soul Stamps who you can meet here!

Photo By: Kate Stutz