VLOG 4: Can Stress and Joy Co-Exist?

They say that┬ácomparison is the thief of joy, but I’d like to argue that stress is. Have you ever tried to enjoy date night when rent was due 5 days ago, or live in the moment when you can’t stop thinking about everything that’s on your to-do list tomorrow? It’s not easy.

Some days, we can go to yoga, write down what we’re grateful for, and do mindset work until the cows come home (not that I have any cows that need to come to my house, but you know, that’s what “they” say), and yet the stress still wins. Then, sometimes the stress starts to win day after day until we question what joy even feels like anymore. But, money and to-do lists are stresses that probably aren’t going to go away in the immediate future (not for me at least). So my question is, is it possible to have room for joy while coming to terms with the stress?

Something happens every year in my life that leads me to believe the answer is yes. Check out this week’s video to find out what that is and tell me what you think! Can stress and joy exist together?