VLOG 7: 3 Life Lessons from New York Fashion Week

Any experience, especially one with a lot of ups and downs, has the potential to teach us about life. Take New York Fashion Week, for example. Whenever it comes comes up in conversation, I always tell people, “It’s the best and the worst week of the entire year”. It’s the Christmas level excitement with tax deadline stress.

It is truly my favorite week of them all but I almost lose my marbles every single time. So this year, in true Allyn style, I wanted to take some of that stress and turn it into a few life lessons for you about dream chasing, stress management, and enjoying life.

The first lesson is what we should be doing instead of faking it until we make it, so if that’s your game plan while you’re reaching for success, this one is definitely for you! 😉

Be sure to check out all my New York Fashion Week posts. They’re not just about fashion. Each one has a little bit of life stuff and practical inspiration in it, too, promise.

Photo By: Alexandra Barone