VLOG 8: Introducing “He Said, She Said”

We are SO excited because we’re launching a new blog series here on The Gem called “He Said, She Said”. Named after my very favorite song by my super talented musician boyfriend, Shaun Novak, HSSS is going to give you a peak at us running after our dreams and chasing happiness, memories, and adventures in the process.

Recently, we set out to capture our first HSSS experience so that we could create a “Date Night In” blog post (because we do a lot of eating from the couch and watching Netflix on Friday nights around here). Teaming up with HelloFresh, my grandparents agreed to let us take some photos in their house – it’s way nicer than ours. What was supposed to be a fun, relaxing few hours turned into a chaotic rush of technical difficulties, sounding fire alarms, and other random events that set our day back.

We could have easily let this day get the best of us. We could have concluded that this is too hard and that our ideas for HSSS are unrealistic (or too stressful to be worth trying), but we didn’t. So, if you’ve ever been flabbergasted by how anything-but-smooth your first shot at something went, we’ve been there, and this video is proof. We learned a few important lessons and we’re more excited than ever to kick off this series.

In this week’s blog post (filmed right after the madness), we’re documenting all the things that went awry during our first HSSS attempt, and telling you Gems a bit more about what to expect from this project in the coming months!

Also, if you’re a blogger, pretty please share with me your stories about photo shoots going totally wrong so we know we’re not alone.