VLOG 9: I Pick My Mental Health over My Inbox

Gems, I’m sorry about all the emails I don’t respond to when I’m depressed. I’m definitely not a big deal – so it’s not that I have this inpouring of emails and just can’t get to everyone. I don’t have a “real” excuse other than it’s essential to my mental health that sometimes I keep my head down and keep conversations to a minimum (I still communicate with paying and potential clients during these periods of course).

Actually, taking care of my mental health is more than enough to validate this.

Maybe it’s not the best course of action from a business development standpoint, but in order to develop my business, I’ve got to be able to keep myself somewhat same to accomplish anything. So, when my depression kicks in, occasionally I have to cut the world out and save my words for my creative writing. In order to create the content you love, I have to dig deep almost every day. Often those words come easy for me, but on days when I’m feeling weak, I might have to scour the creases of my heart to bring your stuff that’s relatable, meaningful, and deeply rooted.

And so, I choose to focus on communicating with me rather than the world so that I can keep doing what I love. I’m sorry for my apology in the beginning of this post because I’m not really all that sorry at all. You shouldn’t be sorry either for taking care of your mental space and doing what you need to do to keep yourself up and running.

That’s what this week’s vlog post is all about.

I’d love to hear your ideas for future videos! Please leave them below! <3

Photo By: Kate Stutz (katestutzphoto.wordpress.com)